jGnash to QIF converter

By: Jacobo Vilella Vilahur
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This code is distributed under terms of the GPL License

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This program converts a jGnash XML file into a QIF file

The script is provided both in Bash and in Perl languages.

It is recommended to use the Perl implementation. With 1200 entries in the XML file the Perl implementation took about 10 seconds to complete while the Bash implementation took about 10 hours!

QIF format is quite badly specified. This script has been tested by importing the resulting QIF file with GnuCash, sicne GnuCash has a very good QIF importer, but since the QIF specification is so broken other applications may not be able to import the resulting QIF files.

Software requirements: Testing environment: Input restrictions: Output restrictions: QIF does not: jGnash, based on its QIF import code, does not: Some QIF reminders:

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